Sunday, November 15, 2009

Revive and rejuvenate: Mess workers take lessons of Art of Living

Sankalp took a step further towards its goal to improve and rejuvenate the life of poor people by arranging an Art of Living workshop (sessions) between 14th Sep09 to 18th Sep, 09 for mess staff from both the messes technology and management for one and half hour.Under the guidance and cooperation of Art of living Teachers, a special customized course has been designed to beast suit the need of workers. This course was conducted by Mr.Praful Gangal with Mr.Kantilal Amin and Mrs Madhukanta k. Amin, two volunteers. From Sankalp, Ekta Shah, Nandini, Gagan and Dinesh helped in organizing the program, motivating workers to join it and explaining to them the significance of this course. The course was a success as it took off with 16 students on 14th Sep and by the end 19 mess workers had devoted their time and agreed to adopt meditation and yoga as a part of their daily routine.

The course included pranayam, meditation and yoga which would help to develop physical and mental well being. This was a self-development and stress reduction program that empowered mess worker to face life’s challenges gracefully. These workshops equipped the workers with skills and techniques that would help enhance the quality of their lives. This session helped the mess workers to start to live a stress free and happy life with a calm and peaceful mind.

It is said that food includes all “Bhaav” (quality) the person making food has. Thus, the workers would actually be able to make healthier food if their minds were calm and peaceful. The workers were also made aware about their addiction to tambaku; cigarettes. Other topics covered in the course were effectiveness of meditation and yoga to gain control over common diseases, to increase self control and stamina and to help get inner peace which would help them achieve success in their life. Workers also learnt the eternal sense of spirituality that is beyond bodily senses, time and world. The workers also sang songs in these “Satsang” sessions, which proved to be a showcase for their talent.

All this would not be have been possible without the support from the institute and administration department.

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