Thursday, July 24, 2008

School chalein Hum

This is specially for NIRMA people.
Hope all of Indians remember the education campaign " SCHOOL CHALEIN HUM",started by Indian government . No need to mention that , this campaign was a great success and inspired lots of people to come forward and contribute to make others educate.
NIRMAians , it has been observed that in our institute , many laborers are working , both male and female are working hard to earn their living . It also been observed that their kids don't have proper means for education .
Some of them might really interested to get education and make their kids educate but due to certain circumstances, they can't afford to go to schools. ex. I already talked to some of mess employees who are really interested in attending these night classes.
I believe if we can start 1 hr night classes for all these people and their kids who really want to study,it is a great contribution towards society.
Its just been a thought , came yesterday night in my mind and it requires lots of efforts from our side. Its very hard to inspire people for these night classes, but nothing is impossible.Something just requires some time and extra bit of efforts.
We can start working on this live Project after our mid term exams . People who are really have interest in this can meet and decide further plan of action.
Please comment your views about this , so that we can go further on this.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sankalp : a brief

Sankalp is a Hindi word which means determination to do something.
Sankalp is a common place for people who have ability to think , a desire to wish and courage to implement.
Today in our society many things are happening and the doers of such inhuman actions are a black spot on humanity.
Not only are the doers to be blamed but also we, the people who are witnessing and tolerating all these wrong things.
So, Sankalp is a place where people dare to talk about all wrongs and take oath to fight against these.
So guys , keep posting issues you feel , are shameful for society , we will all try to change this world to be a better place to live.

Sankalp Mantra :
" Wake up , and fight against wrong"