Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fun and Games....

12th November 2009, it was time for fun and play for the mess workers.

Sankalp organized a session for the mess workers wherein instead of the usual sessions of studying, a game was played. The game was simple and enjoyable. Paper balls were provided to the workers and they were supposed to throw the balls into a vessel kept at some distance. They were supposed to make teams of two each, out of whom one would throw the balls and the other would assist in giving the balls.

The game turned out to be a lot of fun and it increased the camaraderie between the workers and even between the workers and the Sankalp participants. Cheers for their team, shouting, laughing resounded throughout the mess. The session turned out to be very enjoyable indeed. It also broke the ice for new workers and got them involved into the Sankalp initiative.

Another session, successful and many more to come….

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