Monday, August 3, 2009

Sankalp activities continue

24th July 2009, the activities and ice breaking sessions continued. At 22 hrs, the mess was filled with people; A mixed bag of enthusiastic students from sankalp committee of Nirma and the chirpy mess workers. After a long and tiring day for them this was an excellent stress buster. The activity of the day was “Passing the Parcel”. The workers were shying away initially, little nervous about the participation. Tables were joined to break the barrier and start with the game. The team comprised of mess workers and sankalp volunteers for the initial start up. it was more of a musical game with one of the students playing the music traditional way i.e. with the dish and a spoon. The game started with lots of spirit. Whosoever has the duster when music stops was asked to perform something – could be like anything like dancing, singing their favourite song. In fact some of the workers sung their folk songs with a vigour that was commendable after a hard day. The sankalp students were participating with zeal strengthening the bond between students and workers Lots of humours, story and jokes were exchanged. Some of the students as well as workers danced on the latest bollywood songs. As the game started heating up, the team size was increased and more workers were pouring in. At one point of time, the game was solely played by workers. The special moments were captured on camera. In between the session, the students kept on encouraging, applauding and motivating the workers. It was almost the closing the time, but no one wanted to leave the mess. People who were present during the session were left with a feeling content and bliss. The activity was entirely designed and carried out by the junior sankalp members and a glance at them was conclusive enough of a change that is brought in. It’s a beautiful feeling to help someone, and even more satisfying when you put a smile on people’s face. This is actually what everyone felt.


Siddharth said...

Great to know about the new initiatives started by the Sankalp Team. I believe "Fun with Learning" is a right way to interact with the mess workers (after a long and tiring day for them). Kudos to Vivek who started the initiative and best wishes to all who are supporting him in such a great initiative.


Siddharth Agarwal
(Batch 2007-09)

Team xQuiZit? said...

Keep it up guys. Its good to see ur enthu. Definitely ur hard work can change the life of few...